5+ Best Online Business In Nigeria That Pays Daily

Are you looking for an online business in Nigeria that pays daily, weekly, or even monthly?

The post is for you.

online business in nigeria that pays
Earn BIG Daily In Naira & Dollars

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Sylvester Chidi
Sylvester Chidi

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It’s not something new that there are many making money opportunities in Nigeria…

…but it’s about action.

Yes, if you are not ready to apply what you have learned, you won’t get a result.

And that’s for real.

Today I will be showing you some available online business that pays well in Nigeria.

It’s not about been pushy or stuff like that.

The Online Game is real. Like, making millions of dollars online is very possible.

All you need is the right platform, working strategies, and action on your part.

Abi, you wan carry last 😀?

And it’s as simple as A, B, C. To start earning BIG online on legitimate websites, you need an accepted device.

At least:

  • An Android Phone or
  • A PC (Personal Computer).

Now, do you have a phone or PC? Let’s get started.

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Online Business In Nigeria That Pays Daily, Weekly & Monthly: In Naira And Dollars.

  1. Recharge And Get Paid Business — N5k daily.
  2. Become A Data Reseller — 50% Profit.
  3. NewsPay Forum Platform — Weekly 4k Cashout Guaranteed.
  4. Earn Free $5 On Registration — Guaranteed Downline Club.
  5. Join Fiverr Market Place — Sell Your Skill For Money.

Now, Let me remind you.

  • To earn online is simple. You just need the right mindset towards it.

You go to your 9–5 job right? Do you skip a day or two?

No, coz you won’t get paid. If you get lucky, you’ll get an incomplete payment at the end of the month.

Now, try to apply a bit of this online for a month and see how it works.

  • First, you need an Investment Plan. As a beginner, you can start small.

And secondly, you need to spend a little time to learn what works and apply it correctly.

Are you ready to invest and apply?

Yes, provided below are the lucrative online business in Nigeria that pays daily, weekly, or monthly.

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1. Recharge And Get Paid VTU Business

  • Pay your electricity bills.
  • Subscribing Your CableTV.
  • Buying Data Bundle and Airtime & More.

Guess what? You get paid for every single thing you do on the platform.

It’s not a joke. I have withdrawn a decent amount of money from this New Income Opportunity. See the screenshot of the payment I received a few days ago.

It’s for real, a lot of testimonies are coming through. People and more people are joining RAGP to take part in the awesome benefits that come with it.

No worries, the fun fact is that competition doesn’t matter in this case, you are getting paid for doing nothing (i.e doing your usual stuff).

>> Learn How Recharge and get paid works here.

Imagine, your account is being credited anytime you pay your bills.

Sounds impossible but, it’s for real. (hehe😋)

>> Will you keep doubting or follow what I recommend?

Follow the link above to learn more about recharge and get paid.

That’s one online business in Nigeria that pays daily (and you can withdraw your earning at any time.

Update: I just withdraw N10,000.00 to my account today! See the screenshot below.

best online business in nigeria that pays daily
best online business in nigeria that pays daily

There are more other legit businesses you can invest in, but will you go blindly and spend money on what you know nothing about?

That’s a BIG risk Anti/Broda. I dey tell you as e dey hot 😀.

RAGP has been tested and trusted times without number.

Are you going to grab this opportunity or take it for granted?

Being RICH is a choice. The same thing applies to be “BROKE”.

Working every single day won’t make you rich. Smart investment does.

>> For example, if your data exhausts, you recharge your line and renew your data bundle.

When you do this, you get no income or at least, a little amount of money as a sign of “thank you for patronizing us”.

But if you buy data through Recharge and get paid, you will get between 20%, 10%-1% commission back in your account.

>> Is this not insane?

Let me leave you to decide for yourself.

Make use of the link above to learn more about the RAGP system.

Take action now.

Now, the next business opportunity you are about to see will take you from 0 to at least 50k every 2weeks.

And what is it?

2. Become A Data Reseller

  • Cheap Data Plans.

You will agree with me that without data you can't access the internet.

In fact, you wouldn't have found this webpage without an active data bundle...

...so that's how important data plans are today.

What if you tell people you have cheaper data for sale?


You tell them to stop wasting money on Expensive data bundles for browsing the internet.

Let them know that your data plans are far cheaper compared to the default network providers' plans.

Trust me, a lot of people will RUSH you begging to buy.

Imagine people BEGGING to pay you money (hehe😀).

They need data to browse online and yours is far cheaper than the rest.

See, for example, I sold cheap data to this lady, she was thrilled and because the data was long-lasting, she referred are friends:

Here's another testimony:

And another:

There are more screenshots to show but I can't post them all here for safety purposes (lol).

Now, where do you get the data cheap and sell it for cheaper prices?

No worries, I will guide you on how to get started.

You need ONLY N5000 to become a data reseller.


And No, you don't need N50,000, N100,000, or N1million to get started.

Once you register, I will guide you on how to simply get your data on Autopilot...

...starting with only N5000.

Send me a message on WhatsApp here. Please, don’t DM me if you are not ready to invest N5000 guidance fee as stated earlier.

Data is the most wanted resource this day. Like almost 95% of individuals in Nigeria can't do without data.

And the annoying part is that they buy it expensive.

Oh! My. This is a great means to make money online in Nigeria daily without sweat or actually working for it.

Just tell your friends you have cheaper data, yes they will buy with no hesitation.

OK, lemme OFF my Mic here...

Yes, the data reselling business is another online business in Nigeria that pays daily. Don’t ignore it…

3. NewsPay Forum Income Program

You don’t need to stress it. This income opportunity is more like the “Earn Free Money For Doing Nothing” platform.

Yes, once you register on NewsPay Forum you can start earning money immediately.

This is how it goes…

newspay forum review and how to earn free passive income daily
newspay forum review and how to earn free passive income daily

How To Earn Passive 10K to 50K on NewsPay Every Week

Newspay forum payment screenshot
Newspay forum payment screenshot

From the screenshot above, you can see that the average daily earning is N10,000 and the total payout is N650,050.00.

Learn How NewsPay Forum Works, Review, and How To Make Money!

Now, see how you can earn passively below without stress:

  • You earn FREE 900NARS for just registering. That is, you start earning before doing anything (lol). For me, I say you’re “Wealth Come”.
  • Earn FREE N150 for sharing a post on Facebook. Imagine you share up to 100 Posts, that’s N15,000 you know.
You don’t need to refer to earn
  • You earn FREE N1,100 or N2,100 for telling someone about NewsPayForum.
  • So, you don’t need to refer to earn.

(Don’t miss this opportunity)

  • You EARN free money (NARS) for leaving comments on posts. Something you do and get nothing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes…

Wise Up! This is your chance to earn passive income for doing what you normally do.

But wait, am I talking too much?

>> Carry your N1700 and register following the guidelines below:

How To Register And Start EARNING Fast On NewsPayForum

What is an EPIN?

E-PIN is the simple 17digit code that enables that your account is activated. (Note: That’s the only (N1,700 or N3,000) payment you need to join and start earning BIG from NewsPay Forum.)

  • Next is to enter your EMAIL ADDRESS. Make sure you enter a working email because you’ll need it to receive important updates.
  • Enter your PHONE NUMBER in the space.
  • Select your COUNTRY. E.g Nigeria.
  • Enter your PASSWORD. You will need it to log in to your dashboard anytime.
  • Reenter the PASSWORD in the “Confirm Password” space.

Now, proceed to the next section where you are asked to enter your Premium or Gold EPIN code.

You will be taken to a new page that has the WhatsApp Link to the EPIN Vendors.

Ignore this step if you’ve bought an E-PIN.

  • Ask for an EPIN. You can either buy the Premium N1700 or buy the GOLD N3,000 (attract more NARS bonus).

Feel free to transfer money to the vendor. Then post screenshot of payment.

And immediately, you will get your E-PIN.

After entering the required information, proceed to the final steps below.

>> Tick I read and agree to website terms and conditions.


BOOM! You can now begin your process of earning FREE 5K to 10K on NewsPay.

This is amongst the best online businesses in Nigeria that pays daily.

Don’t joke about this opportunity. It’s GOLD.

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4. Earn Up to $100 Free On Fiverr

IMPORTANT ALERT: Fiverr $100 Offer has ended, but they added something interesting. You will get 20% off your first order on the website. For example, if you order a business card design service that costs $10, you will pay $8.

Fiverr is an online commercial center for independent administrations. The organization gives a stage to consultants to offer administrations to clients around the world.

To earn your free $100 right now, open the Fiverr registration page here.

Fill in your correct information.

Note: Make sure you enter a valid phone number to make it work. Fiver will send you a code to confirm that you are a real human being.
You will receive an email from Fiverr telling you to confirm you e-mail address.

Click the link to confirm your e-mail address.

And boom, you can start your earning process.

5. Earn Free $5 On Guaranteed Downline Club

Without investment, you will get free $5 on registration just like that.

I was also doubting until I registered. See the screenshot of the dashboard below:

Now, what did you see? $82 Made in 3days.

You may be wondering if it’s possible for you to earn that amount as well or more.

Yes, the only way to earn is to get started. And the AMAZING PART;

  • It’s free. No Investment Plan. Just registration.

To start with, you can register on Guaranteed Downline Club here…

You just need a few details to proceed.

How To Make Money On Guaranteed Downline Club Today.

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  • Create your account here… Yes, fill in the form correctly.
  • Confirm your email address. They’ll send you an email to confirm that it’s relevant.
  • Click the link in the email you receive to confirm your email address.
  • After confirming your email, you will be asked to complete your profile information. Complete and save it.
  • Immediately, you will receive free $5 on your GDC account.

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I will update this page with other online business that pays wells in Nigeria as I test more income opportunities.

So tell us in the comment section below, out of all these online business in Nigeria that pays daily, which one will you start today?

Peace and blessings.

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